JASA has an extensive and ever expanding library of books, DVDs and audiobooks. There are rare books, out of print books, film versions of the novels no longer commercially available, and dramatised readings on audio.

A full library catalogue is available below.

Borrowing is only permitted by JASA members, and a small borrowing fee is charged.

Borrowing at Sydney meetings

A different selection of library items is brought along to each Sydney meeting at Roseville. If there is a particular item you want to borrow at a meeting, contact the librarian on and ask for it to be brought to the next meeting.

Postal borrowing

If you are unable to come to Sydney meetings, you can still borrow from the library. Simply contact the librarian on and ask for the item to be posted. JASA will pay the outward postage; but you will pay for the return.

I am guilty of borrowing many, many items from the supremely comprehensive JASA Library – it has hundreds of Jane Austen and Regency related items including books, games, CDs and DVDs. Whether for academic purposes or pleasure, there are Jane Austen resources galore at your fingertips – what more needs to be said!

Olivia Williamson, Brisbane

The JASA Library is a source of joy to me. The collection is excellent and as I am a country member I get the books I want to read posted to me free of charge.

Jenny Simons

The Library is such a useful resource for all JASA members. There are many books that I would not find anywhere else and love to read new insights into the writings of Jane Austen.

Lyn Stephenson

Jane Austen Society of Australia Inc