The Jane Austen Society of Australia

The Jane Austen Society of Australia is a member-based association founded in 1989 to bring together lovers and admirers of Jane Austen in this part of the world. We number academics and scholars amongst our members, but we are mostly enthusiastic amateurs who meet to discuss the genius of Austen and to explore the era that gave rise to her.

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Although based in Sydney, we have members in all states of Australia and overseas, and we warmly welcome visitors to our events.

We produce regular publications, have a member’s library, and sell Austen-inspired items through our Regency Fair stall at meetings.

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Jane Austen Society of Australia

Non-profit organisation

We are a volunteer membership association run by Jane Austen lovers for Jane Austen fans. We have around 500 members in Australia and overseas - come and join us at a meeting in Sydney, or catch up with one of our groups around Australia.

Jane Austen Society of Australia

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AUGUST MEETING Saving Jane Austen's Home - Susannah Fullerton Eighty years ago a woman became a heroine! Her name was Dorothy Darnell and she formed the world’s first Jane Austen Society in order to save Chawton Cottage and turn it into a museum. This talk tells the remarkable story of how she came to do this, and who helped her. The talk also looks at why people who love an author’s works want to go and see where that writer lived and what sort of landscape inspired them. Why do literary tourists want to discover how a home reflects an…

Jane Austen Society of Australia

Jane Austen Society of Australia

Jane Austen Society of Australia

Loving Jane Austen around the world.