On 18th July 1817, Jane Austen died in the arms of her sister Cassandra “I have lost such a treasure”, Cassandra wrote of her loss, “such a sister, such a friend as never can have been surpassed.” Cassandra had lost sister and friend, but the world had lost its greatest novelist – far, far too early! 2017 marks the anniversary of the death of Jane Austen. All over the world, people are marking the occasion and celebrating the talent and genius of Jane Austen. Exhibitions, talks, performances, discussions, church services are all being planned in order to commemorate Jane Austen and her legacy.

The Jane Austen Society of Australia is a member-based association founded in 1989 to bring together lovers and admirers of Jane Austen in this part of the world. We number academics and scholars amongst our members, but we are mostly enthusiastic amateurs who meet to discuss the genius of Austen and to explore the era that gave rise to her.

Jane Austen imageAlthough based in Sydney, we have members in all states of Australia and overseas, and we warmly welcome visitors to our events.

We produce regular publications, have a member’s library, and sell Austen-inspired items through our Regency Fair stall at meetings.

Find out more about becoming a member of JASA, or read the latest updates from JASA’s Facebook page here.

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#OnThisDay in 1809, Jane Austen moved to live in this house, 'and hence all her works were sent in to the world.' It was here that Jane's genius flourished and where she wrote, revised and had published all her novels.
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Jane Austen’s own family is described as affectionate by many of her biographers; her letters reveal the same. In her novels, the degree of physical touch and affection (or the lack thereof) shown by her characters and families can provide us with interesting insights.
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The Janeites Film

A team have acquired rights to Rudyard Kipling's story 'The Janeites'.

They are creating the film adaptation of the story.

The project has been in development for many months, and a final amount of finance is required to get the project over the line, to enter production.

The project is a labor of love from the cast, crew and friends and family of all involved.

Cast and crew are forgoing their usual rates in order to create a brilliant project for a fraction of what it would ordinarily cost.

They are looking for investors / financiers for the film and are seeking contributors that love the idea of contributing to a project that blends their passion of Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling, and cinema.
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JASA President, Susannah Fullerton is running a 6-part lecture series in conjunction with the Australian National Maritime Museum, titled, ‘Men, Glorious Men’. Topics include Mr Darcy, Hamlet and James Bond. Bookings have already been very popular, so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to hear Susannah Fullerton speak about men in literature. Book now!
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Anna Lefroy (née Austen) was Jane Austen's beloved niece. Jane once said of Anna 'there is noboddy [sic] I think of oftener, very few I love better'. She's the recipient of the letter we're fundraising to save, and this portrait of her is held in our collection, purchased in 2015 thanks to National Lottery Heritage Fund. #AustenTreasures
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2019 JASA Day Conference on ‘Jane Austen and Art’

JASA members were treated to a wonderful day of learning, sharing knowledge about Jane Austen and the Regency period and exploring various artists during the time. It was an extremely enjoyable day for everyone, entertained by so many fascinating talks, with amazing visual presentations to go along with them.

Thank you to our speakers for yesterday, which included, Susannah Fullerton, Stephen Foster, Suzi Chosid, Hilary Davidson, Dianne Speakman, Kerin Brown and Julie Sweeten.

A huge amount of gratitude goes to Marlene Arditto who very generously brought along a display of Georgian work tools. It was so beautiful to see all of these tools, all accompanied with fascinating bits of information and quotes from the novels which related to them. What a treat for our JASA members.

Thanks must also go to our committee members who worked so hard to ensure a most successful event, including, Amanda Jones, Susannah Fullerton, Jenny Reeves, Elizabeth Budge, Teri McMillan and Joanna Penglase.

Our next event will be held on Saturday 17 August where Charles Guillan will speak on the topic of ‘An Ideal Husband’.