On 18th July 1817, Jane Austen died in the arms of her sister Cassandra “I have lost such a treasure”, Cassandra wrote of her loss, “such a sister, such a friend as never can have been surpassed.” Cassandra had lost sister and friend, but the world had lost its greatest novelist – far, far too early! 2017 marks the anniversary of the death of Jane Austen. All over the world, people are marking the occasion and celebrating the talent and genius of Jane Austen. Exhibitions, talks, performances, discussions, church services are all being planned in order to commemorate Jane Austen and her legacy.

The Jane Austen Society of Australia is a member-based association founded in 1989 to bring together lovers and admirers of Jane Austen in this part of the world. We number academics and scholars amongst our members, but we are mostly enthusiastic amateurs who meet to discuss the genius of Austen and to explore the era that gave rise to her.

Jane Austen imageAlthough based in Sydney, we have members in all states of Australia and overseas, and we warmly welcome visitors to our events.

We produce regular publications, have a member’s library, and sell Austen-inspired items through our Regency Fair stall at meetings.

Find out more about becoming a member of JASA, or read the latest updates from JASA’s Facebook page here.

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On this day in 1797, Rev. George Austen wrote a query letter to London publisher Cadell & Davies, offering to send a manuscript “comprised in three Vols. About the length of Miss Burney’s Evelina” if there were any interest in publishing it. Austen’s offer was, however, rejected by return post.
Jane Austen was 21 at the time and manuscript was "First Impressions" later to be known as "Pride and Prejudice."
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Sense and Sensibility by ‘A Lady’ (!) was first published on 30 October 1811, whilst Jane Austen was living at this house. We have a copy of The Morning Chronicle from the following day, in which the novel is advertised. ‘In 3 vols. price 15s. in boards, a New Novel, called SENSE and SENSIBILITY. By Lady - Published by T. Egerton, Whitehall; and may be had of every Bookseller in the United Kingdom.’ Also shown here is an unbound first edition held in our collection. #OnThisDay
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Jane Austen Society of Australia26 October 2018 5:33 pm
Our fabulous Regency Fair merchandise took a trip today and is a guest at the NSW Dickens Society International Conference for the next few days.
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Anne mentioned the Silver Swan automaton - well here it is!
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The Silver Swan automaton 1773
In the 'Robots' exhibition in the Science Museum. Only plays once a day at 10.25am. Three separate clockwork mechanisms. Used to be in the Cox's Mechanical M...
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JASA’s last meeting for 2018

Thank you very much, Anne Harbers, who shared her expertise in antique silver and for her informative talk for JASA members, titled, “Snuff Boxes, Patch Boxes and Vinaigrettes: The Superb Silver of Jane Austen’s Time”.

Anne’s fascinating talk centred around the enticing silver of Jane Austen’s time, including engraved patch boxes, decorated snuff boxes, little vinaigrettes, as well as little personal silver nutmeg graters to show people that you had your own nutmeg clove to sprinkle.

Anne’s talk was enjoyed by everyone who attended and was supported by Marlene Arditto who kindly brought in her Georgian collection of antique silver.

We will be revealing our exciting 2019 programme shortly, so do look out for it on the website and on Facebook.

Thank you to our members for joining us at all of our events this year; it’s been another wonderful year and the committee is looking forward to bringing you more exciting Jane Austen talks next year.
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#OnThisDay 1815 Jane Austen was staying in London negotiating with her publisher John Murray: “he is a rogue of course, but a civil one. He offers £450- but wants to have a Copyright of MP. & S&S included. It will end in my publishing for myself I dare say.” Pictured is our first edition of ‘Mansfield Park’, published by Egerton in 1814