Day Conference


JASA holds an annual conference, with a day conference and a weekend conference on alternate years. The day conference is held in Sydney, currently at the Epping Club. Morning tea and lunch are included. Members come from around Australia to attend this event.

The conference is based either on a theme or a novel – some of the recent themed conferences include Jane Austen and Chawton; Jane Austen and the Theatre; Jane Austen’s Men; and Jane Austen and the Southern Counties of England. There have also been conferences have been on the 6 Jane Austen novels, her unfinished works and juvenilia, and also on Jane Austen’s life, letters and other writings.

JASA has a very high standard for its conference speakers. Sometimes they are academics from universities in Australia or from the UK or North America. Often our speakers are authors of books about Jane Austen and conferences can include book signing events. Or the speaker might be a recognised expert in a field relating to the Regency era – for example, Wedgwood china, antique silver, Georgian art or architecture, the history of fashion, etc.

The one day conference is an intense and rewarding JASA event. So many good speakers with interesting points of view, packed into one day. I enjoy having a set subject for the day and come home with a better understanding and enthusiasm for the writings of Jane Austen.”

Lyn Stephenson

Jane Austen Society of Australia Inc